The Fall of Arcadia Breakdown
Jim watson thefallofarcadia blue jimwatson

Original Lighting Scenario

Jim watson thefallofarcadia red jimwatson

Lighting Scenario 2

Jim watson thefallofarcadia progressbreakdown jimwatson small

Progress Breakdown

Jim watson thefallofarcadia zoo jimwatson

Zoo Scene

Jim watson 06 thefallofarcadia lightshafts jimwatson 80lvl

Light Shafts

Jim watson fallofarcadia mastermaterialbreakdown jimwatson

Master Material

Jim watson fallofarcadia mastermaterialfunctionbreakdown jimwatson

Master Material Function

Jim watson 09 fallofarcadia ironmaterial jimwatson 80lvl

Cast Iron Material

Jim watson 010 fallofarcadia ironbreakdown jimwatson 80lvl

Cast Iron Substance Breakdown

Jim watson 011fallofarcadia mossmaterial jimwatson 80lvl

Moss Material

Jim watson 012fallofarcadia mossbreakdown jimwatson 80lvl

Cast Iron Substance Breakdown

Jim watson fallofarcadia causticbreakdown jimwatson

Caustic Light Function

Jim watson fallofarcadia screenmaterialbreakdown jimwatson

Holographic Screen Material

Jim watson fallofarcadia splinebreakdown jimwatson

Spline Blueprint

Jim watson 016fallofarcadia vineunreal jimwatson 80lvl

Foilage Vines

Jim watson 017fallofarcadia vinetx jimwatson 80lvl

Foilage Texture Sheet

Jim watson 018 thefallofarcadia bluedetaillighting jimwatson 80lvl

Original Detail Lighting

Jim watson 019 thefallofarcadia reddetaillighting jimwatson 80lvl

Lighting Scenario 2 Detail Lighting

Jim watson screenshot015

Computer High Poly Sculpt

Jim watson screenshot014

Vault Door High Poly Sculpt

Jim watson screenshot011

Utility Box High Poly Sculpt

Jim watson screenshot012

Grate High Poly Sculpt

Jim watson screenshot013

Panel High Poly Sculpts

Jim watson screenshot010

Pipe High Poly Sculpt

Jim watson screenshot009

Rock High Poly Sculpts

The Fall of Arcadia Breakdown

After posting my Unreal scene, I wanted to make a breakdown of the material and material function creation, lighting effects, lighting, and creation of assets for the scene. I have also included a video showing how the environment would come alive in game, and progress throughout the creation.

I wanted to thank all the people that helped me during the creation of this environment, especially Nate Stephens. Your class was very informative and taught me many great concepts. I cannot thank you enough.

For a more in-depth breakdown, checkout my Polycount post at
Or check out my 80 Level article at

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