Art of Jim Watson

Technical Environment/FX Artist

I am a driven Technical Environment/FX Artist, focusing on developing pipelines and tools to create in-depth environments, painted with complex materials and illuminated with vibrant lighting.

My goal is to author environments that people talk about and enjoy playing through. I believe that the environments make the game feel authentic and drives the player to explore, making the player feel apart of it. I want to be the driving force behind creating this experience.

Proficient with programs such as Maya, Houdini, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Photoshop, nDo, Zbrush, xNormal, Unreal Development Kit 3, Unreal Engine 4, Knald, Marmoset, mental ray, V-ray, Unity, Flash, and Illustrator. Some of my strengths are creativity, teamwork, environment creating and design, texturing, UV mapping, and high-poly to low-poly creation. I also have experience using MEL, Python, HLSL, C++, C#, Action Script 3.0, HTML, PHP, and CSS.

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